A Walk In Their Boots

A Timeline of American Military History

A Walk in Their Boots - Poster

Come out on this weekend before Veteran’s Day and step back in time. Experience life on the front lines as an American military soldier and follow his footsteps through the earliest frontier days, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, America’s Civil War, World War I, World War II and beyond. See firsthand, how the uniforms, equipment and weapons developed over the years. Follow the path of America’s proudest tradition, that of its military veterans.

As a timeline event, re-enactors and historical interpreters will walk you through each period, displaying artifacts and conducting interactive demonstrations that will show you how these men and women contributed to securing American freedom and how they have protected it to this day. Tour the period encampments, see how soldiers lived in the field and what resources they had to survive!

Plus, do not miss the battle skirmish presentations for three specific time periods. At 11 am you can watch a Revolutionary battle assault on the historic Fort Watauga. At 1 pm there will be a Civil War skirmish and at 3 pm we wrap up with a WWII American Airborne assault on a German paratrooper unit a la D-Day, 1944. Do not miss this opportunity to see period equipment and weapons in action!

This event is FREE to the public and we encourage all veterans to attend!



Park Historic Interpreter – Chad Bogart

  1. Chadwick.Bogart@tn.gov


Event Coordinator/Timeline Director – Keith Rutherford


The Five Oh First Group

WWII 101st Airborne Re-enactment Group

  1. fiveohfirst.org
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    This Saturday, November 8th from 10 am to 4 pm!

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