History at Home – Summer Ranger Programs!

Our 2019 History at Home program is on a roll!  Seasonal Interpretive Rangers Laura Ellis and Ian Anderson join us for the summer season and will be a wide variety of educational and entertaining interpretive programs for all ages. You can find their offerings at www.sycamoreshoalstn.org under “Monthly Interpretive Programs/History at Home.”

This year they will also be offering daily tour opportunities at the Carter Mansion and Sabine Hill.   There is a cost associated with our historic home tours.   Check out their monthly schedule for dates and how to register in advance.

Please make is a point to a join us for this summer series!   The History at Home series is offered in addition to our already scheduled monthly programs which include workshops, music jams, our annual Independence Muster, the Liberty! outdoor drama, and so much more!

Please call 423-543-5808 for further information




3 Responses to History at Home – Summer Ranger Programs!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Had a great visit with Gillian today for the tomahawk throw! Thank you, we look forward to seeing you next year!

  2. Sara says:

    What about 2016? Is this program available this year?

    • Hi Sara! Yes, it is! Click on Monthly Interpretive Programs on the drop-down menu and you will see their programs listed by date groupings. We will be listing their programs for July 12 through July 31 today!

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